Used Titan Manual Crush


£5,596.00 + VAT

This used Titan Manual Cattle Crush is a sturdy and reliable option for livestock management. The right-hand side operation crush features an old-style integrated EID tag reader, allowing for efficient identification. With three-piece side gates, this crush offers excellent animal access, and the parallel squeeze ensures safety and security during handling. The offside drafting handle makes it easy to separate livestock with a 2-way draft out of the crush.  On the operation side, access gates are hinged at the front, allowing for rear access to the livestock. Vet access gates at the rear latch in behind the livestock and are secured with nylon bushed slam latches. The old-style ratchet headbail with poly yoke cushions provides comfort for the animals while keeping them in place. The fully-sheeted single-piece entry gate is easy to use and the mesh tread plate floor make for easy cleaning and maintenance and plywood lined sides offer durability and stability. Overall, this used Titan Manual Cattle Crush is a great option for any livestock operation.


  • Right-hand operation crush
  • Old-style Integrated EID Tag Reader
  • 3 piece side gates for excellent animal access
  • Parallel squeeze
  • Offside drafting handle
  • Operation side gates hinged at the front
  • Old-style ratchet headbail with poly yolk cushions
  • Single-piece entry gate
  • Mesh tread plate floor
  • Plywood lined sides

This crush was traded in and has been refurbished in our Scotland branch. The listed price is + VAT and includes free shipping UK-wide.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Giles directly on +447557318211