Used Clipex Contractor Sheep Handler For Sale


£10,220.00 + VAT


£10,220.00 + VAT£12,264.00 including VAT

Used Clipex Sheep Handler for sale.

This is the contractor model from Clipex which features 3-way drafting and a detachable trailer system. 

It is listed by Te Pari on behalf of a customer who has upgraded to a Racewell Sheep Handler. 

The features of the Clipex Sheep Handler are:

  • 3 Way auto drafting
  • Pre-catch lead-up race
  • Side tilt with front & rear access flaps
  • Two overhead catch sensors
  • Fold-up trailer system
  • Electric jacks for setup
  • Foot Pedal control

The Clipex Sheep Handler is made from Chinese steel and is manufactured in China. The Trailer system takes two operators to safely set up and requires power to operate the electric jacks.

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