T30 Scale System - E Series


£2,600.00 + VAT


£2,600.00 + VAT£3,120.00 including VAT

The class leader in livestock weighing

With over a 2 million record capacity, the T30 gives you more flexibility than any other livestock scale system on the market by allowing producers to record and manage animal data in the yards and then simply sync to the cloud server and retrieve it in the office. Banish data transfer and make life simple with a single waterproof, multi-function, fast Te Pari T30 Scale System.

The E-Series scale adds a built-in EID reader control unit into the same plastic case. Connecting your E-Series scale to an optional Te Pari Panel Antenna, ePanel or eRail System provides a very straightforward, flexible and cost-effective solution for EID tag reading. 

Note: This system includes IP67 rugged Windows tablet. 

The T30 System has an optional monthly subscription that allows the following:

  • Cloud backup of data for security
  • Connects directly to the internet for data/file transfer, cloud storage and system updates. 
  • Remote Tech support can access the T30 device if cloud-connected for on-the-spot assistance. 
  • Office App allows easy data manipulation on desktop PC and cloud syncing to Tablet. 
  • Ability to share performance data on the dashboard



  • 2 million device record storage 
  • IP65 rugged device 
  • Touchscreen with flexible layout options 
  • Large device display for easy viewing
  • Animal ID lookup function 
  • Allocate any animal ID to a mob 
  • Allocate multiple mobs into Groups 
  • Connects to any EID reader (Bluetooth or serial cable) 
  • Weight gain display options on the weighing screen including previous weight, total gain, daily gain, days since last weighed and previous weigh date.  
  • Session screen shows a summary of all animals weighed in that session  
  • Statistics screen can show instantly how any animal compares to the rest of the mob, the other animals received from that purchase or the other animals being weighed in the sessions.
  • Animal history screen will show you any recorded events about any animal including date, weight, treatments and traits.
  • Weight-based drafting/sorting up to 9 ways. This screen can also show drafting/sort information for each gate; the number of animals sorted along with average and total weight through each gate.  
  • Custom naming of any drafting/sorting gate to suit the operation 
  • Multi-criteria drafting/sorting for advanced selection i.e. by weight gain, mob, drafting group etc… 
  • Record common life data on any animal including default settings for fast input 
  • Animal alerts can be pre-set based on health or general status along with time period 
  • Record up to 12x traits (with or without weight) for any animal using a dedicated screen for easy input. 
  • Connects and auto-calibrates two Te Pari Dosing Guns at once plus can record an additional two manual applicator treatments for comprehensive dosing records.


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