EasyDose Pour On Gun - 70ml Barrel - UK


£499.00 + VAT




£499.00 + VAT£598.80 including VAT

The EasyDose™ Gun from Te Pari is the easiest Pour On applicator on the market. Designed to reduce hand strain with all day comfort. Perfect for any operation. Ladies and kids love it, too.

The battery-powered electric motor drives the piston forward and back. The operator can adjust the delivery and refill speeds to suit the situation. A single power unit can be fitted with either a 70ml, 14ml or 6ml barrel, making the dosing gun a truly multipurpose device.


The digital keypad allows you to easily adjust the dose in ml or cc's. However, the EasyDose allows you to manually adjust the dose based on the animal's weight. To do this you set the dose rate on the gun (ml/lb) and use the keypad to adjust the dose based on the weight.


  • Intellicharger – auto-sensing battery charger
  • 12-volt power supply – for the battery charger
  • Mains power supply – for the battery charger
  • Spares kit with 1x piston O-ring, inlet and outlet valve assemblies, and valve retainer C-clip for outlet valve.
  • Two high-quality 18650 lithium-ion batteries

The EasyDose Gun comes with a 12-month warranty and spare parts are available.



  • Dose by weight or volume
  • Lock screen
  • Adjustable piston forward and return speed
  • Statistics functions
  • Multiple barrel options
  • Durable construction
  • Firmware updates through smartphone app
  • Dosage used and number of treatments displayed on statics screen
  • The lock screen prevents accidental dose adjustment


  • 70ml barrel: This barrel is designed for pour on and oral drenching. Doses of 5ml to 300ml. Dose volume increments of 1ml. Volumes from 71ml to 300ml delivered in up to five sequential shots.
  • Sequential shots: If the dose is larger than the barrel size then the gun will automatically divide the total dose into equal parts.
  • Dose Accuracy: +/- 0.2 ml
  • Battery Life: 2,000+ doses of 50ml pour on/1000+ doses of 3ml injection