Patesco Lamb Tail Docking Iron


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The LPG fired, scissor-action Docking Iron has been extensively field-tested and proven to be fast, easy to use and reliable. The large copper searing head ensures excellent heat retention helping minimise blood losses and ensuring quicker healing. The Standard model is ideal when docking in sheltered and mild weather conditions.

Full range of spare parts and repairs are available.

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We recommend you consult your Veterinarian for advice on pain relief options.

Please check the regulations for Tail Docking of Lambs in England, Scotland and Wales:

  • England & Wales: The Mutilations (Permitted Procedures) (England/Wales) Regulations 2007 states Tail Docking is a permitted activity but anesthetic must be used for all procedures other than rubber rings.
    England Tail Docking Rules
    Wales Tail Docking Rules
  • Scotland: The Prohibited Procedures on Protected Animals (Exemptions) (Scotland) Regulations 2010, as amended (SSIs 2010 No 387 and 2011 No 164), provides an exemption for docking of farmed sheep kept on agricultural land under the following conditions. We recommend you download the Welfare for sheep Code of practice and consult your Veterinarian for advice.


  • Proven burner system 
  • Copper alloy searing head for swift heat up, heat retention and longer life 
  • Heatshield prevents heat build-up on handle
  • Patented rotating anvil system stretches wooled skin during docking process
  • Improved leverage and balance
  • Copper searing head for excellent heat retention
  • Unique handle linkage system
  • LPG fired