Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

Docking, Lambing & Calf Rearing

Te Pari’s range of specialised livestock products ensures the job gets done like it should. Whether it is docking, lambing or calf rearing Te Pari products are built to last, which means the job gets done properly and on time, every time. 

Docking & Lambing
Docking & Lambing Equipment

Essential docking & lambing tools for optimum animal health

Tail docking of lambs remains an important husbandry practice in order to maintain good animal health. Te Pari has a range of Docking Irons, Tailing Chutes and cradles to make the job easy.

Cattle Dehorners - Manual & LPG-Fired

Get it done quickly and efficiently.

Horns on cattle can pose significant welfare issues, and the best way to prevent these is to disbud or dehorn at an early age. Te Pari has a range of Dehorners to suit your requirements.