Used Racewell HD6 Sheep Handler For Sale


$27,000.00 + GST


$27,000.00 + GST$29,700.00 including GST

Being sold on behalf, the customer has ordered a new Te Pari HD6 because he wanted the crutching flap option hence this selling this handler which is only 10 months old.

For sale is a 10-month-old Racewell Sheep Handler with 6-way auto-drafting. This machine is being sold on behalf of the customer as they are upgrading to the new crutching flap handler.


  • Standard side tilt with foot pedal
  • Tru Test 600mm Loadbars
  • Main Clamp Anti Jump Bar
  • 12months Warranty left

Requires a Scale indicator customer is keeping the Tru Test XR5000 for the new machine.


Located in Frogmore NSW 2586


Please contact Te Pari if interested so we can pass on the customers contact details to discuss price.

Asking $27,000 +GST ONO