Used Racewell HD4 Sheep Handler


$32,000.00 + GST


$32,000.00 + GST$35,200.00 including GST

For sale is this Racewell HD4 Sheep Handler with trailer system.


  • 4-way drafting
  • Side tilt (old design with no rear access flap)
  • Remote control
  • Tru-Test XR5000 Scale indicator
  • Integrated EID tag reader
  • 2 anti-backing hooks
  • Trailer system
  • Located in Ballan VIC

For sale on behalf of a customer that has upgraded to the latest model Racewell. 

There is a 2nd auto-backing hook on the lead-up race. This was fitted by the customer and is controlled the same as the original backing hook off the sensors.