Used Racewell HD3 Sheep Handler


$29,500.00$29,000.00 + GST


$29,000.00 + GST$31,900.00 including GST

For sale is a very lightly used Racewell HD3 Sheep Handler.

With this machine, the handling section was on-farm for a short while during a product trail where the lead-up and drafting gates were not required. As a result, the lead-up and draft gate sections are brand new and the handling section has seen some light usage.

The features of this Racewell are:

  • 3 Way automatic drafting
  • Adjustable Lead-up race
  • Spring Loading backing flaps in lead-up race
  • Side tilt for easy crutching
  • Integrated EID reader
  • T30 Weigh Scale
  • Te Pari 600mm load bars

This Racewell is located in Epping, Melbourne and will come with our standard warranty on new machines. 

For more information on this, please get in touch with our team as these machines will be sold quickly due to demand.