Used Clipex Contractor Sheep Handler


$17,273.00 + GST


$17,273.00 + GST$19,000.30 including GST

Used Clipex Contractor Sheep Handler for sale.

This Clipex Sheep Handler is for sale as the customer has since updated to the Racewell HD4 with rear access flaps. This Clipex handler is located in Lucindale, SA.


  • 3 Way Drafting
  • Tru-Test XR3000 Weigh Scale
  • Portable Trailer System
  • Remote control, but no Wireless Foot pedal control
  • Pneumatic powered
  • Electric lifting jacks
  • Integrated pre-catch area
  • Side tilt with access flaps

Note the entry gate has had the plastic cut out to try to improve sheep flow through the machine.

For more information on this machine, please call on 1800650682 or make an enquiry below.

The price for this used Clipex Sheep Handler is $19,000 inc GST