New Racewell JR Sheep Handler


$17,000.00 + GST

For sale is this Racewell JR Sheep Handler with Side Tilt, Rear Access Flap and an integrated EID Reader.

The Racewell JR Handler is suitable for use with sheep or goats and is our entry-level unit designed to make handling jobs easier. The machine is manually operated via the dashboard controls and only requires compressed air to run (power is required if you are using the EID reader or scale indicator).

Features Include:

  • Fully pneumatic operation
  • 3-way drafting gates, manually operated
  • Includes new Te Pari Loadbars (no scale indicator)
  • Fully Integrated EID Panel (Controller to Suit Trutest/Gallagher not Included)
  • Side tilt with Rear flap for easy crutching
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel construction for a long life

This machine has never been used – circumstances have changed for the owner prompting the sale.

Located at Russells Bridge, VIC.

For more info please contact Albert on 0438200319