Calf Dehorning Bail - Front Opening Design


$1,250.00$800.00 + GST

Strong with a full hot-dip galvanised mainframe with super-tough yet light polyethylene sheeted sides, floor, gate and nose plate. This combination of strength and lightweight combined with the well-balanced wheels means it is very easily moved around by just one person. 

Fast, and easy to operate this bail is highly suited to calf rearers. It features a leather nose strap that holds the calf's nose and a neck bar that comes down over the calf's neck holding it very securely, a rump chain is an additional restraint.

The headbail at the front of the unit opens allowing the operator to position the bail at the front of a race and release the calf forward resulting in a fast throughput. Suitable for calves up to 100kg, this calf bail will save time and contractor costs, and will pay for itself in no time with its easy efficient operation.