Tru-test ID5000 Indicator


$2,725.00 + GST





$2,725.00 + GST$2,997.50 including GST

The Tru-Test ID5000 weigh scale indicator quickly and accurately captures livestock weights providing a farmer with information such as identifying poor performers and health issues so early action can be taken.

Tru-Test weigh scale indicator can store up to 250,000 records in 250 weighing sessions. Track an animal’s performance by calculating its weight gain. The scale indicator is easy to set up and information can be quickly transferred to your mobile device, USB flash drive or computer.

  • Draft up to five ways by weight
  • Store up to 250,000 records in 250 weighing sessions
  • For each animal record up to three IDs and three pieces of information
  • Preset favourite set ups to easily switch between jobs
  • Clearly see the screen even in bright sunlight
  • Upload sessions via Wi-Fi