T1 Scale App System - Standard


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$995.00 + GST$1,094.50 including GST

The window into your farming operation.

The T1 Scale App system is a simple to use and cost-effective weighing system for livestock that utilises a regular Android tablet for the display. This system is designed for the livestock producers requiring a simple weighing system where only weighing and animal ID is required. By utilising the tablet’s existing wi-fi and Bluetooth, this scale can easily communicate with EID readers and the Te Pari Dosing Gun.

Note: This system does not include a Tablet. It is expected that you will use an existing device and install the T1 Scale App from the App store. We recommend a 10" Samsung Tablet or mobile device.

Upgrade your Free App to the Premium version and take advantage of automatic cloud backup of data. For more details go to Owners Hub on this website.


  • Memory - 1,000,000 records in unlimited files 
  • Weight gain, min, max and summary 
  • Bluetooth connectivity for EID wand readers 
  • Manual and EID tag recording 
  • Simple statistics reporting 
  • Email animal records directly from the tablet 
  • Black box scale powered by an external battery 
  • Metric and Imperial measures 
  • Serial or Bluetooth connections to EID panel readers
  • Pair with Te Pari Dosing Guns

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