Gallagher TW1 Scale Indicator


$2,600.00$2,500.00 + GST








$2,500.00 + GST$2,750.00 including GST

The Gallagher TW1 Scale Indicator is simple to operate with a market-leading 7” scratch-proof glass touch screen and unrivalled clarity that is easily read in direct sunlight. 

The touch screen weigh scale range makes weighing and data management easier than ever before with simple navigation and easy to use interface that was designed in partnership with farmers. View, manage and analyse your animal data, all within the weigh scale or connect to WiFi and sync your data with your Animal Performance web & mobile app for seamless data management and analysis tools across all your devices.  


  • Large 7" touchscreen
  • EID Compatible, no integrated EID reader
  • Animal notes and note alerts 
  • Sort your animals in up to 9 groups with custom drafting 
  • Simple to navigate and execute tasks 
  • Flexible connectivity options for all use cases including Wifi, Bluetooth and USB
  • Tough, rugged exterior
  • Internal rechargeable battery