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Increasing accuracy & efficiency in sheep farming | James Almond

Increasing Accuracy & Efficiency In Sheep Farming | James Almond

Agronomist and sheep farmer James Almond runs an intensive farming unit at Lancefield in the heart of Victoria, Australia. With 1200 Australian White ewes lambing twice a year, James needed a robust sheep handler that could stand up to the frequent handling of these big ewes which are notoriously hard on people and machinery, plus a system he could operate by himself without the help of a second labour unit. 

Racewell JR Manual Sheep Handler

Introducing the Racewell JR | Sheep Handling Simplified

Over the years, many new features have been added to our Racewell Sheep Handler range. These improvements include improving the speed, adding extra backing hooks, draft gates and much more. However, we have now introduced a new low-cost entry-level sheep handler without the fancy features. Just designed to make sheep handling easy.

A Sound Investment | Boonderoo Pastoral Discuss The Future

A Sound Investment for a Positive Future

Producers willing to make an investment in animal handling equipment need to know they won't be pouring more money in for at least the next decade.

That was certainly the case for Lachie Seears who runs the 2920 hectare Boonderoo Pastoral Company, 30 kilometres south-west of Lucindale in South Australia.

Confidence & Cattle Flow with Steel Cattle Yards

Confidence & Cattle Flow with Steel Cattle Yards

“You need to have confidence that your yards are going to hold up.”

When working cattle alone in the remote Waimamaku river valley. Ian Webb wants total confidence in the safety and efficiency of his cattle yards. 

Listen to his story of how the safety and strength of his steel cattle yards have transformed the way he farms. 


Manual Does Not Need To Be Difficult

Manual Does Not Need To Be Difficult

Turning 70 this year, Mr Clark needed a handler which was safe for both him and the animal while still being able to work it by himself. Ease of use and safety were two key ingredients and that’s why he chose a Te Pari Taurus Cattle Crush

Overcoming adversity with the Taurus HD3 Cattle Drafter

Overcoming adversity with the Taurus HD3 Cattle Auto Drafter

It was an “absolute freak accident, the quad bike flipped over me… bounced on me… and broke my spine.” 

Listen to Martin Peddle tell his story about how a quad bike accident has changed the way he runs his farms. Using the Taurus HD3 Cattle Auto Drafter, Martin can work his stock thru his Te Pari Steel Cattle Yards and sort them all from his wheelchair.