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New Titan PX Cattle Crush

New Titan PX Cattle Crush

We are very excited to release our new Titan PX Cattle Crush. Developed to be a cost-effective solution for farmers wanting a powered crush with finger tip control to make processing large numbers of cattle easier.

Making cattle drafting easier and faster

Making cattle drafting easier and faster!

Castletown Estate is located in Cumbria in England. The recent addition of a Te Pari Taurus Crush with 3-Way Auto Sorting System is taking cattle handling to the next level at Castletown by automatically weighing and drafting cattle quickly, safely, and with minimal operator input. See what Rauri Martin, Farm and Estate Director at Castletown Estate has to say about the new system...

Getting more data out of our sheep

Getting more data out of our sheep

Paul Coates runs a mixed enterprise of pedigree Beef Shorthorns and North of England mules with Cheviot and Scotch mules at his farm located near Carlisle, near Cumbria in the Eden Valley. The 420-acre farm is used mostly for grazing their animals with the aim to become as efficient with the animal data as possible. With over 1000 sheep to manage Paul began looking into sheep handling options to help with the recording of data whilst keeping labour to a minimum.

Sheep Handler is a Must for Lamb Traders

A Must for Lamb Traders

Aaron Haynes works at Bankhead enterprises, a 750-acre block near Fielding that trades lambs with some beef cattle and a bit of cropping. The recent addition of a Racewell Sheep Handler has made handling, weighing, and drafting lambs much easier and means that Aaron can do it by himself without even breaking a sweat. Aaron says, “It’s what you need for trading sheep, I think it’s a must.”

Hitting Targets on time with Racewell

Hitting targets on time with Racewell

Sam Parsons is the farming & estate director at Balcaskie Estate in the East Neuk of Fife in Scotland. Balcaskie Estate covers 2000ha with a mixture of let farms and in-hand farming operations. Last year they purchased a Racewell HD4 Sheep Handler from Te Pari, read this article to find out about their experience.

Why local manufacturing makes for better business

Why local manufacturing makes for better business

At Te Pari, we’re proud to say that we’ve always manufactured in New Zealand, we prioritise local suppliers and the bulk of the materials we need are produced close by - whether it’s the steel for our sheep and cattle handling equipment, or circuit boards for our automatic animal management systems. We’ve also long fought against the assumption that it’s too expensive to manufacture in New Zealand. We have shown that it can be done. You just need to do it right - and when you do, it brings a range of benefits.