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The Best Photos of 2020

The Best Photos of 2020

2020 has been an unpredictable year but despite the global pandemic, we have still been able to get our into Te Pari Country and capture these awesome photos.


Taking the stress out of Animal Management | Anna Gillespie

Taking the stress out of Animal Management

In the backblocks of Central Otago, Anna and Ben Gillespie run the award-winning Two Farmers Farming, in Omakau. Despite -10℃ icy winters and 30+℃ dry summers they graze 700 dairy heifers on their 400ha block each year as well as finishing 500 prime steers. 

Reducing labour & improving accuracy | Te Pari Products

Intensive farming call's for intensive equipment | Richard Hay

With 30,000 lambs running through the gates in a year, reliable and accurate equipment is essential. But why the Racewell Auto Drafter? Continue reading to hear why Richard Hay believes a Racewell is a must have for sheep producers.

Tom Lyons discuss' the Racewell Sheep Handler

A Game Changer | Tom Lyons

After out-growing the Racwell HD3, Tom needed to upgrade his handler to get the maximum return out of his farming operation. Given how well the Racewell had performed over the years, it was a no-brainer to upgrade to the Racewell HD4. Watch the video as Tom discuss' how the Racewell HD4 and T30 Scale System has taken his operation to the next level.

Increasing accuracy & efficiency in sheep farming | James Almond

Increasing Accuracy & Efficiency In Sheep Farming | James Almond

Agronomist and sheep farmer James Almond runs an intensive farming unit at Lancefield in the heart of Victoria, Australia. With 1200 Australian White ewes lambing twice a year, James needed a robust sheep handler that could stand up to the frequent handling of these big ewes which are notoriously hard on people and machinery, plus a system he could operate by himself without the help of a second labour unit. 

Racewell JR Manual Sheep Handler

Introducing the Racewell JR | Sheep Handling Simplified

Over the years, many new features have been added to our Racewell Sheep Handler range. These improvements include improving the speed, adding extra backing hooks, draft gates and much more. However, we have now introduced a new low-cost entry-level sheep handler without the fancy features. Just designed to make sheep handling easy.