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Veno Sheep Yards

Every piece of equipment in sheep yards can influence the flow of sheep. That's why Te Pari now offers VENO sheep and goat equipment.
VENO offer a comprehensive range of yard systems, crowding tub sets, wintering barn hurdles as well as feeding systems for sheep and goats.

Crowding Tub Systems

We can design a forcing system to fit into your barn or yard area that will maximise flow and yard efficiency. Single, double or triple bend forcing systems can help provide a consistent flow of animals to your working area.

sheep yards crowding tub system single

Lambing Pens

We have a wide variety of gates, hurdles and feeders for setting up lambing pens. Veno parts make it easy to expand or add to pens. There are also many different types of hay racks available which can be used for feeding hay or high energy pellets.

veno lambing pens

Wintering Barn Hurdles

Custom designs to help you prioritize both animal and user safety, as well as enhance efficiency and reduce labour requirements.

veno wintering barn inside

Feeding Systems

Veno have a wide range of feeder, trough and hay rack products available which can help you feed easily and without stress. For feeding and fattening lambs you can use creep feeders or continuous feeding tanks.

veno sheep yard feeding systems

Sheep Yard Solutions

Our knowledge and understanding of sheep behaviour, combined with efficient, safe, and operational sheep yards makes us a great choice for your project.

Crowding Tub Systems

Lambing Pens

Wintering Barn Hurdles

Feeding Systems

Lead-Up Races

We offer are great range of options for your lead-up or working race for sheep. Straight in-line, curved sections, v-races, adjustable widths, sheeted or unsheeted options to suit your requirements. Foot baths can also be included.

veno lead up race sheeted

Anti-Backing Gates & Flaps

We offer a range of anti-backing devices that help prevent sheep from turning while in the working race or lead-up area.

veno anti backing

Swing & Slide Hurdles

The Swing and Slide Hurdle is an innovative forcing gate system that can swing around 180 degrees in the crowding tub and then slides back through it’s mounting frame to return the gate to the starting point. This system eliminates the need to swing the gate back through waiting animals.

veno swing slide hurdle

Drafting Gates

Easy to use drafting gates in a wide range of options.

veno drafting gate

Feed Barrier Hurdles

Feed barriers suitable for any sheep or goat that are designed for easy and clean feeding. Veno manufactures various feed barrier including the self-closing feed barrier or feed barrier with trough and hay rack. 

veno feed barrier hurdle

Foot Bath Sets

Veno has a range of Foot Bath Sets available that easily connect to your other yard gates and hurdles. Foot bath tubs are available in either polyethylene or steel tread plate 2.5m or 5.0m long.

veno foot bath

Yard Features & Parts

Lead-Up Races

Anti-Backing Gates & Flaps

Swing & Slide Hurdles

Drafting Gates

Feed Barrier Hurdles

Foot Bath Sets

Free On Farm Consultation

Our process starts with one of Te Pari’s experienced product consultants visiting your farm to discuss your current and future requirements. Te Pari consults with farmers on site to work out the best option for improved efficiency and profitability. Features to take into account when planning your new yard are flow, entry and exit, light, loading, access, drafting and safety.

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Experienced Design Team

Te Pari has a range of standard Sheep Yard plans to choose from, or the we can assist in creating a custom yard design to suit your specific requirements. Following the onsite visit, we will create a realistic 3D concept of the proposed yard.

te pari yards cad design team

Quality Guaranteed

All VENO products are fully hot-dip galvanised both inside and out, ensuring maximum durability.

sheep yards quality guaranteed shield

Delivery & Installation

As part of your turnkey package Te Pari will deliver the yard right to your farm site. When the site is ready, Te Pari’s team can organise installation of the yards. We take pride in handing over a functional yard, ready to go.

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Why choose Te Pari?

From design to engineering and installation, our team will work with you to ensure the best possible outcomes.

01. Free On Farm Consultation

02. Experienced Design Team

03. Quality Guaranteed

04. Delivery & Installation

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veno sheep yards myerscough college 01

Veno Sheep Yards at Myerscough College

Myerscough College in Preston have recently installed a Veno crowding tub and yard hurdles from Te Pari. This installation was custom designed to suit the needs of the college and integrates well with their Racewell HD4 Sheep Handler. The system was designed to fit in with their current penning system and they can now easily draft sheep 4-ways or send them straight through the handler into a footbath.


Te Pari is the exclusive distributor of Veno sheep and goat handling equipment for the UK and Ireland. Take a look at some photos of Veno sheep yard solutions in this gallery.

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