Te Pari's Top Photos of 2023!

Te Pari's Top Photos of 2023

This year the team have been lucky enough to collaborate with some amazing people all over the world and capture some great photos of animals and landscapes!

The photo above was taken at Coliban Park, a sheep station in Victoria, Australia that runs Saxon Merinos.

Check out the rest of our top picks below.

top photo 2023 2

Cattle grazing in a paddock in Victoria, Australia.

top photo 2023 3

Peter Stone loads the sheep yards at his farm near Woodstock in Victoria, Australia. 

top photo 2023 5

Alister Bird AKA @Kiwi Farmer shuts one of the Te Pari Steel Gates in his cattle yards near Oxford, New Zealand.

top photo 2023 6

Alister Bird uses his new Te Pari Lenta Cattle Crush to inspect one of his calves. Watch the video of Alister explaining how the new Lenta MX3 Crush works in this video.

top photo 2023 8

Sheepdog "Roxy" waits patiently for instructions in the sheep yards on a farm in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

top photo 2023 9

Peter Stone crutching some sheep in his new Racewell HD4 Sheep Handler. Click here to watch the Customer Story about Peter Stone and his new Racewell HD4 Sheep Handler.

top photo 2023 10

Tailing lambs on a farm near Oxford, New Zealand with a Vetmarker Lamb Handling Chute and Te Pari Docking Iron. Watch the video of the Vetmarker Lamb Handling Chute in action!

top photo 2023 11

Cammy Wilson AKA @TheSheepGame uses his Racewell HD4 Sheep Handler and Revolution Dosing Gun on a farm in Ayrshire, Scotland.

top photo 2023 15

Nicola Wordie crutches some ewes with a Racewell Sheep Handler on her farm in Aberdeenshire, Northern Scotland. Watch the testimonial video about the Racewell Sheep Handler from Nicola!

top photo 2023 17

New Te Pari Cattle Yards at Quarterway Angus in Tasmania, Australia. Watch the testimonial video about these yards from Toby & Riley Hall.

top photo 2023 18

Merino sheep lining up for the grain at Coliban Park, Victoria.