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Reducing Stress with new Cattle Yards

Reducing Stress with new Cattle Yards

Based 50kms from the coastal line of Victoria sits Caramut, the home of Bobby Mann’s new Te Pari cattle yards. Running mainly Angus cows with a small mixture of crossbred calves and steers, Bobby was after a new set of cattle yards that could handle a reasonable-sized mob of cattle without the additional manpower and labour required to get the job done.

“Our old yards were built using timber from a nearby railway line. They were becoming old and unsafe,” said Bobby.

As a one-man operator, Bobby needed a set of cattle yards which would last into the next generation. Bobby was looking for a design that included a simple yard configuration which moulded into the already existing infrastructure he had on the property. This included a laneway, multiple water points and large holding pens.

bobby mann cattle yards 02

“The design process took quite some time to work out because I needed a layout which suited my particular setup. We used drone images that we sent to the Te Pari designers and that worked well for them, as they could see the layout of the land from all aspects.”

From the initial consultation, all the way through to the design and construction of the cattle yards, Te Pari worked with Bobby to design a custom-made solution which suited his cattle requirements and most importantly reduced stress on Bobby’s cattle when they were in the yards.

bobby mann cattle yards 03

The following aspects were incorporated into the final design of Bobby’s cattle yards:

Central Drafting Pound

Located in the middle of the yards, the Central Drafting Pound enables Bobby to separate or transfer cattle between one holding pen and another. Featuring nylon-sleeved slam latches, the gates are quiet and make minimal noise when opening and closing them, keeping cattle calm and stress-free. The gates can be pushed and shut easily from either side so Bobby never has to worry about time-consuming gate latches or chains when he is moving cattle through the yards.

C-Force Circular Forcing Gate

The C-Force System is a revolving steel gate that makes loading the race much safer and easier as you don't need to get in the pen with the cattle. As you move the C-Force Gate around it reduces the size of the circular forcing pen to encourage cattle to move up into the race. You can stand safely behind the rotating gate with its innovative locking system, the gate locks into the side of the pen every 0.5m so that if the cattle push on it the gate can’t swing back and hit the person standing behind it.

bobby mann cattle yards 04

FRP Mesh Catwalk

Bobby selected to use FRP mesh grating for his catwalk surface. The catwalk runs alongside the working area of his race to provide easy access to the top of the cattle when in the race for drenching purposes or other medical testing procedures. With a 1.0m width, it provides plenty of room for several people to work alongside or get past Bobby should he ever have contractors working. FRP Mesh is made from a strong, long-lasting fibreglass composite, the material prevents slippage so that Bobby can use the yards safely in wet weather.

bobby mann cattle yards 05

Taurus HD3 Auto Drafting Crush

When it came time to sourcing a cattle crush for the new yards, Bobby firstly went to look at other cattle crushes at nearby properties to see how they performed.

“I went and had a look at another couple of sets of yards and I was led by the Te Pari team [as to which would suit best].”

Bobby chose the Taurus HD3 Auto Drafting Crush with a 3-way sorting module for its ease of use and ability to easily auto draft cattle based on their weights or RFID tag details. The system requires minimal operator input once set up via the weigh scale indicator. The crush and sorting gates can be operated using a remote, enabling Bobby to move around the working area and manage cattle from any point in the yards.

“I like the fact that I can use the remote even with a bit of distance. It just makes sense.”

Up to 6 functions can be operated using the remote, including the two sorting gates, race sliding gates, crush rear sliding gate, parallel squeeze and head bail, the remote allows you to switch from auto to manual control at any stage. 

The crush comes fitted with rubber flooring, making it quieter for handling cattle. It provides a more natural surface for cattle to stand on and prevent slips. It also makes it easy for Bobby to clean and disinfect when required.

bobby mann auto sorting cattle crush

Dual Height Loading Ramp

The Dual Height Loading Ramp allows for fast, easy and safe loading of cattle to the upper and lower decks on cattle trucks. Bobby’s ramp has been designed to feed straight off the C-Force Circular Forcing Gate allowing Bobby to direct cattle towards the loading ramp without having to enter the working area. Mounted on a raised concrete base, the ramp has handrails on either side of the ramp and on both levels ensuring the safety of Bobby and contractors whenever they are on the ramp.

bobby mann cattle yards 06

Working with Te Pari, Bobby now has a custom-designed set of cattle yards that have improved the efficiency of his operation. The simple yard configuration enables an easy flow from start to finish for his cattle and he feels content knowing he, his family and contractors are working in a safe and quiet yard environment.

“To work cattle in these yards is a lot nicer. They seem to flow better, and the cattle seem quieter in these yards than they were in our old yards.

I’ve been very happy with the after-sale service of the Te Pari team. The final product and the way the yards are working for our system has been a big thing for us moving forward.” said Bobby.

Watch the testimonial video from Bobby Mann!