Restrain stock with Headbails that can take the strain

Animals hit the headbail with extreme force. Te Pari headbails are engineered to withstand anything that’s thrown at them making animal restraint safer for beast and operator. This makes a standalone Classic 1000 Headbail the ideal retrofit solution for animal restraint in your existing yards. The healthcare of any herd of cattle is almost impossible without a headbail. It is often considered the yard’s most important feature.

Which type of Cattle Headbail do I need?

In general terms there are two types of headbails; self-catching headbails and full opening manual concertina-style headbails. Self catching headbails such as the Te Pari Automatic Headbail can be adjusted to accommodate different size animals. The vertical double doors swing in automatically to lock when the animal moves forward. This gate is intended for quieter cattle without horns and normally need adjustment for different sizes of stock.

Full opening headbails, such as the Classic C1000, are more appropriate for a group of mixed sized cattle because they do not need adjustment for different size animals. The doors slide in from each side and lock at any position. No matter what type of headbail you select, it is important that it is fitted, adjusted correctly and maintained. Te Pari headbails are designed for safe and easy operation, with minimal maintenance.

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Classic C1000 Headbail

Auto Headbail

Vario Headbail

Headbail Type: Walk through design with manual lever control. Walk through design with Auto catching. Swing Gate Design with rope control
Locking System Simple mechanical locking shaft Single position mechanical lock Simple ratchet and pawl locking system
Mounting System 4 mounting lugs on back of main frame 4 mounting lugs on back of main frame that can be varied in height. Mounts on wood post using 2x Gudgeons (supplied). Can be easily relocated.
Rear Handle Rear Handle option allows you to open and close Headbail from behind animal Rope can be added to assist Headbail closing from behind animal Not an option.
Cattle Size Handle all sizes of cattle without any adjustment. Handles all sizes of cattle but requires adjustment of doors for different sizes animals. Cattle weight limit appox. 550kg
Can be fitted to Cattle Crush Can be bolted to a Te Pari Cattle Crush at a later date if required. Not recommended. Not an option

Looking for more info? Download the Te Pari Handbook

The Te Pari Handbook contains over 90 pages of details and specifications on the entire Te Pari range.