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The Te Pari range of EID readers has been developed to give farmers a simple, practical and easy-to-use animal identification solution. Te Pari’s range of EID equipment is rugged, innovative and guaranteed to last, saving time and money and increasing the farmer’s ability to manage the animals.

How does an EID Reader work?

Commonly referred to as Electronic ID, EID or RFID (radio frequency identification), the ear tag incorporates an air coil antenna system enclosed within a small female tag. This durable construction helps the transponder withstand tough environmental conditions. EID ear tags for livestock are considered passive tags because they have no battery or power source of their own. The tags are activated when they pass within the transmission field of a reader. These tags are available in a tamper-proof design and can be paired with visual ID tags with the matching 15-digit EID number printed on the visual tag as well. 

Using Electronic Identification (EID) ear tags can significantly speed up the weighing process, reduce errors from manual input and offer potential labour savings. When read by an EID reader, the EID tag is recorded in the Weigh Scale along with the animal weight. Over time, an animal’s weight history can be tracked, good and bad performers can be identified and the input of resources managed to ensure profits are maximised.

The benefits of using EID ear tags.


  • Provides the basis to quickly and accurately collect data on individual animals.
  • Eliminates the need for “line of sight” reading necessary with visual and barcode systems.
  • The signal can penetrate body, tissue, wood, plastic, mud, manure and more.
  • EID tags are passive. EID ear tags require no battery so they will last for the life of the animal.


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Portable EID Reader - iStick 7

Permanent EID Panel Reader

Integrated ePanel EID reader for Racewells

Integrated eRail EID Readers for Crushes

Use: Portable so can be used anywhere Fixed to wooden race Integrated into side of Racewells Integrated into 3 piece gate system on crushes
Construction Plastic Plastic Steel/Plastic/Rubber Steel
Power: Internal Battery External 12V battery Integrated into Racewell power system External 12V battery


Within any grouping of animals, there will always be a level of variation in the performance of individual animals. Under traditional mob-based management you will always have significant variations. EID systems allow producers to maximise returns from the most productive animals, whilst minimising the cost incurred from the least productive. 

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