Patesco Lamb Tail Docking Iron


$1,150.00$977.50 + GST




$977.50 + GST$1,075.25 including GST

Based on the proven design of the Original Docking Iron, the Patesco model features a rotating anvil that stretches the wooled skin toward the end of the tail. After docking the stretched wooled skin, the remaining skin pulls back and the bare skin from underneath heals very quickly around the end of the tail. Because the bare skin grows much faster than the wooled skin, the result is a small bare area on the top of the end of the tail. This area on the top of the end of the tail is of sufficient size that the wool will not grow long enough to fall over the end of the docked tail and allow dags to form.

Note: Ideal for breeds such as Merino which have very wrinkly skin.


  • Proven burner system 
  • Copper alloy searing head for swift heat up, heat retention and longer life 
  • Heatshield prevents heat build-up on handle
  • Patented rotating anvil system stretches wooled skin during docking process
  • Improved leverage and balance
  • Copper searing head for excellent heat retention
  • Unique handle linkage system
  • LPG fired