Gas Calf Dehorner - Stainless Handle


$435.00 + GST






$435.00 + GST$478.50 including GST

The Te Pari Large Stainless Steel Dehorner is a solid tool which is ideal for dehorning animals at a young age before a vet is required. The Stainless Steel Blades of the Dehorner are 3 mm thick for extra strength and durability. The polycoated grips reduce slippage and increase comfort. Overall Length: 43cm


  • LPG fired – runs off BBQ gas bottle
  • Excellent heat retention in cold conditions
  • Spare parts and servicing readily available
  • Hook to hang dehorner upright when in use
  • Standard with 18mm dehorning tip.
  • Optional 16mm and 20mm dehorning tip