Cattle Yards


Noise Is Not An Issue

After working his cattle in his Te Pari Yard, Mark's concerns were soon settled


9 Years On And Still Going Storng!

Listen to why Donna Morrison prefers her Te Pari Steel Cattle Yards over timber Yards


Designed With Safety In Mind

The perfect Cattle Yard for Mt Mable Angus


Strong, Quiet & Long Lasting Cattle Yards

Speeding things up for Waitangi Angus


It's Changed The Way We Farm

Dave Martin's Cattle Yard has transformed the way he handles his cattle


20 Years Working In A Te Pari Cattle Yard

Darcy discuss' working in a steel yard beside the harsh New Zealand Coast

Racewell Handlers and Auto Drafters


It's a game changer

Reliable, efficient and easy to use, that's why Tom purchased the Racewell HD4 and T30 Scale System


It's kept my farm going

At 74 years old, without his Racewell HD4, George would not be farming


I Wish I Had One 20 Years Ago

It just speeds everything up - Alistair Gibson


It Reduces Labour & Improves Accuracy

A tool like this is a must for a finishing property


It Makes Handling Sheep Enjoyable

It's very quite, fits in well and we're very happy with it


Sheep Aren't Putting On Weight Standing In Yards

Thats Why Preston Needed a fast auto drafting machine, The Racewell DR3

Dosing Guns & Weigh Scales


Faster, Easier & Safer Weighing

Quick & Flexible Data collection using the T30 Scale


It's Adding Value To Our Customer's Cattle

The Te Pari System has more than paid for itself!


It Makes My Work So Much Easier

Working with the complete Te Pari Cattle Handling Solution

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