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James Almond discuss' his Racewell Sheep Handler

Increasing accuracy & efficiency in sheep farming

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Te Pari Cattle Yard's are

Yards ahead in Efficiency and Safety

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Tell us how TRIDECTIN® has POWERED UP your drench program

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Anna Gillespie discuss how the T30 Scale has changed their cattle operation

Taking the stress out of Animal Management

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Let the Racewell

Take the handling out of sheep work

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Sheep Handling
Sheep Handling

Tomorrow's sheep handling technology for today's sheep producers

Racewell Sheep Handling Systems, brings you the latest products and systems in sheep management - designed and produced in New Zealand and used by sheep producers across the globe.

Cattle Yard Systems
Cattle Yard Systems

Designed with animal behaviour and your safety in mind.

Te Pari cattle yards are all about maximising cattle flow and ‘natural herding instincts’ in the yard, getting them through the system as fast as possible and back to pasture to keep packing on weight.

Cattle Crushes & Headbails
Cattle Crushes & Headbails

Handle Cattle on your terms.

Total control, total safety - that’s what our New Zealand-made and hot dip galvanised steel Cattle Crushes provide. Weighing and recording individual animal data allows you to constantly improve and puts you in control.

Animal Management
Animal Management

Seamless technology for serious livestock producers.

Te Pari’s animal management solutions remove the guesswork and replace it with tangible data. This in turn gives farmers much greater control over herd or mob genetics and timing of when is the best time to sell stock. It’s this control that is the pathway to improving profitability and sustainability.

Animal Husbandry
Animal Husbandry

Tools that don't just do tasks, but do tasks better.

Te Pari’s range of specialised livestock products ensures the job gets done like it should. Wether it is docking, castrating or calf rearing Te Pari products are built to last, which means they job gets done properly and on time, every time. 

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20 Years working with Te Pari

Darcy Albert from Te Paki Station in the far north of New Zealand runs 6000 stock units has been using Te Pari gear for over 20 years. Despite his close proximity to the coast Darcy says ' I've never seen any of them rust yet'. 

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“Our goal is to deliver the ultimate, integrated livestock management solution.”

More than just a piece of equipment. You need a easy-to-use, technology-based livestock handling solution, with trustworthy support. At Te Pari, we manufacture, sell and support the complete solution.