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Tomorrow's sheep handling technology for today's sheep producers

Racewell Sheep Handling Systems, brings you the latest products and systems in sheep management - designed and produced in New Zealand and used by sheep producers across the globe.

Racewell Auto Drafters
Racewell Auto Drafters

Precision weighing and drafting for more profit in your pocket

The Racewell DR Auto Drafter is a highly efficient, dedicated weighing and drafting sheep handling system that will help any sheep producer improve the profitability of their operation.

Sheep Jetters
Sheep Jetters

Save time and keep your flock healthy

The Te Pari Sheep Jetter helps you control both fly and lice in your flock, using jets that are strategically positioned to target the affected areas.

Why the Racewell is a game changer for Tom Lyons.

Why the Racewell is a game changer for Tom Lyons.

For Tom Lyons, his Racewell is a game changer! Using it every day for 9 months a year means he needs a machine that's reliable, efficient and easy to use. That's why Tom upgraded to the latest Racewell HD4 and T30 Scale System.

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6 Reasons to own a Racewell...



Using the Racewell Sheep System, farmers can easily allocate or sort stock into different groups for better stock management. This could include such things as: the division into different groups by weight to allow priority feeding, or the drafting out of ewes with multiple pregnancies.



Racewell Sheep Systems can automatically read EID tags, weigh and sort sheep. These actions are programmed into the scale indicator which communicates these settings to the Racewell Sheep System. This gives the operator the freedom to move away from the weighing and drafting area, to organise stock while maintaining control and stop or hold an animal at the push of a button on the remote.



Ewes increase their fertility when target mating weights are reached. Ewes need to be in good body weight and condition for high ovulation rates at mating. It is much more efficient to hold ewe live weight and condition score between weaning and mating as it takes a lot of extra feed to regain weight. Regular weighing using the Racewell Sheep System helps ensure optimum breeding outcomes.



Within any flock of sheep there is a substantial variation in the characteristics that influence an animal’s production level. Using EID or RFID tags to identify each sheep allows farmers to understand these variations which provides opportunities to select or sort animals based on different criteria such as scanning results, breed, growth rate and so on to make informed management decisions for the operation. Electronic ID allows farmers to measure the performance of individual animals and make decisions specific to each animal, reducing costs and labour, while at the same time maximising returns.



Manually handling sheep is a physically demanding job due to their size and strength. Many producers face problems like back strain and knee injuries which impact on their ability to continue doing sheep work. The multi-purpose Racewell Sheep System takes the effort out of sheep work while allowing the farmer to quickly and easily carry out several stock management tasks at the same time reducing the time spent in the sheep yards.



With the Racewell Sheep System the weighing and sorting processes is automated resulting in less chance of error. In addition, accurate weighing and sorting ensures that all stock fall into the correct groups to ensure they achieve premium prices at sale.

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