Cattle Yard Systems

Designed with animal behavior and your safety in mind.

Good yard design is all about maximising cattle flow and ‘natural herding instincts’ in the yard, getting them through the system as fast as possible and back to pasture to keep packing on weight.

Turnkey Cattle Yard Solutions
Turnkey Cattle Yard Designs

Knowledge & innovation combined to offer a superior experience.

Smart, efficient galvanised steel yard systems taking pride of place on high producing farms across the country. If you are looking for a 'concept to completion' turnkey solution to your cattle handling requiements then Te Pari is here to help.

Loading Ramps
Cattle Loading Ramps

Taking loading design to the next level.

Loading cattle onto stock trucks and trailers is an important part of any cattle yard system. Generally cattle flow better if they are moved directly from the forcing pen to the loading ramp, or drafted off from early in the drenching race to the loading area. Most Te Pari loading systems can be incorporated into a new or existing yard and are designed to be safe, strong and user-friendly

Getting good advice...

Building a new set of cattle yards is a major capital investment and one that most people will only do a few times in their life. It is imperative to get the best advice on the design and location of your new facilities. Te Pari recommends that you speak with your local livestock transport provider, your vet and if possible other people in your area that have recently invested in a new set of yards. Sometimes the best advice is not what to do, but rather, ‘what not to do’. If you get the opportunity to visit a Te Pari steel yard and maybe work in it, take it. You will be able to see the design in action and appreciate it so much better.

Galvanised & made in NZ - built to last!

Te Pari livestock equipment is an investment you want to last, so all steel components are hot dip galvanised. During galvanising every item is cleaned in acid to remove all traces of scale or rust, then dipped in a hot galvanising zinc bath which coats it completely, even in places unreachable with spray or powder coating. Testing has proven that the galvanising process does not weaken the steel in any way. The galvanising actually becomes part of the steel surface for superior rust protection. Thats why we offer our class leading 10 Year Galvanising Warranty.

All Te Pari livestock equipment is manufactured in New Zealand under strict quality control standards using first grade NZ made steel. Our modern factory includes numerous robotic welders, CNC laser cutter's and other CNC equipment. 

Instant Asset Write-Off!

Take advantage of the increased asset threshold of up to $150,000 for the Australian Government's Instant Asset Write-Off Scheme. 

This increased asset write-off also now extends to businesses with an annual turnover of $500 million or less, offering family farms through to large scale agribusinesses a unique opportunity to improve safety and efficiency of their operation.

While this provides incentive to consider capital works, these conditions are in place as of March 20 and have now been extended to 30th December, 2020. Talk to the team at Te Pari on how you can take advantage of this unique opportunity.

This is a very unique opportunity to upgrade your Sheep or Cattle Handling facilities. A new Crush? Stockyards? or Sheep Handler?

Use a Govt. Farm Investment Loan?

The Australian Government Farm Investment Loan provides up to 2 million to help you build and maintain a strong resilient business. Loans of up to $2.0M over a period of 10 years are available including repayment options for the first 5 years on interest only. For more information contact the Regional Investment Corparation or talk to the team at Te Pari