Auto Head Bail - LH Operation


$2,700.00 + GST




$2,700.00 + GST$2,970.00 including GST

Developed in 1975 by Donalds Presses in Masterton, the Auto Headbail is still a popular choice. The fully adjustable Automatic Headbail combines features of both the gate type and the walk-through headbails for safe and easy handling.

The headbail gates are partially opened back into the race, and as the animal attempts to push through, the gates close and lock automatically. A single lever lifts the latch and allows the animal to pass through when the operation has finished. This lever can be controlled remotely with a rope and pulley. The neck space adjusts to suit different sized animals, there’s a gap below the yoke so the animal can’t choke if it goes down, and cleats are provided for a nose halter.


  • Automatic closing gates for easy catching
  • Single lever lifts the latch for beast to pass through
  • Release lever can be controlled remotely with a rope and pulley
  • Adjustable for neck size for different age stock
  • Easy mounting to wooden or steel yards