Sheep Handling

New Racewell front and rear access flaps!

New Racewell front and rear access flaps

Now you can get front and rear access flaps with your new Racewell Sheep Handler with side tilt. This innovation gives you excellent front and rear access to the sheep for crutching including up the belly and improved access for foot or head work.

When the side tilt is tipped over, the front or rear section of the clamp wall on the handler can be opened up 90 degrees at the push of a button. With the sheep still clamped in the handler and now tilted on their side, the front and rear flaps up give you full access to the animal to do wigging, mouthing, footwork, clip down the legs or do a half belly. When you've finished a single button or foot pedal push closes the flap and returns the animal to the upright position.

Watch the video to see the front and rear flaps in action!


The new front flap was developed after it was requested by our customer John Anderson who farms in Central Otago, New Zealand. Here's what John had to say about his new Racewell...

"Te Pari was very helpful; they included the front flap, which works perfectly. The bonus of the rear and the front flaps is that I have full access to all parts of the sheep. Our foot rot problem this last 12 months has probably gone down by 90% of what it was.

Anybody I’ve been talking to about the Racewell when I’ve been asked what I think of it I say I love it. I wouldn’t do without one of these, ever again." said John.

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