Vetmarker 2.0 Merino with Leg Holders


$4,495.00 + GST


$4,495.00 + GST$5,169.25 including GST

This Vetmarker® has been designed for farmers with Merino lambs. It can be converted back to a normal Vetmarker® for farmers who have both Merino and Vetmarker® the spray option can be used.

The Vetmarker Handling Chute is a fast and efficient system for handling lambs. Ideal for ear-marking, ear-tagging, castrating, vaccinating, drenching, and tail docking. With an automatic flystrike treatment applicator, this handling system is a smart choice for serious sheep producers.

Used For: Ear Marking lambs, Ear tagging lambs, Castrating lambs, Vaccinating lambs, Drenching lambs, Tailing lambs and Spraying lambs for



  • Automatic spray system for flystrike application saves a labour unit
  • Deep V configuration of the rollers restrains the lambs in better.
  • Spring-loaded, high-impact rollers with bearings for long life
  • Fully height adjustable so the person removing the tail is not bent over.
  • Easy to mount to the yards – no need to tie on.
  • No gaps between rollers for the lambs to get their legs stuck
  • Lambs are held in position for docking without leg hooks
  • One upright bar frees up working space & also makes it easier to load
  • Tipping unit exits the lamb onto their feet reducing animal stress and shoulder strain for the operator
  • Fast and easy to use resulting in less stress on the lambs.