XL Castrator (4-6 Months)


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$160.00 + GST$184.00 including GST

The XL Castrator is suitable for castrating older calves up to 6 months, which is the legal maximum age. Delaying castration to this point means you can obtain a better muscled and heavier calf. The XL Castrator uses a heavy-duty latex ring system to castrate, opening to 90 mm x 70 mm x 70 mm in the shape of a triangle. The ring is 19 mm in outside diameter, 10 mm in width and covered in antiseptic powder. The operator does not have to clench the handle when the ring is expanded but lightly hold it. Once the ring has been placed over the scrotum the operator releases the castrator’s lever to remove the ring. The castrator lever does not over center and stays open by itself, meaning it is only a one-handed process for the operator to release the ring.

Note: No rings are supplied with this castrator so don't forget to add either a 25 or 100 pack of rings to your order.

Important Information: Castration should be performed when animals are as young as possible. Be sure to consult welfare regulations in your country/region. In many regions when castrating any animal over the age of six months, pain relief must be used. For more information: https://www.mpi.govt.nz/animals/animal-welfare/regulations/guide-to-the-animal-welfare-care-and-procedures-regulations/