EZE Bloodless Castrator Including 25 Rings and Cips


$600.00 + GST




$600.00 + GST$690.00 including GST

The Eze Castrator is a non-surgical system for the effective castration of cattle. This system is unique because it is suitable for castrating larger cattle over 6 months of age. Being a bloodless method, the Eze Bloodless Castrator minimizes set backs, risk of infection and deaths associated with surgical castration. Watch a video on how to use this innovative tool below.

The Eze Castrator is supplied with an initial supply of 25 rings and clips.

Important Information: Castration should be performed when animals are as young as possible. Be sure to consult welfare regulations in your country/region. In many regions when castrating any animal over the age of six months, pain relief must be used. For more information: www.biosecurity.govt.nz/animalwelfare/codes or the relevant government department of the country.