Sheep Jetters

Save time and keep your flock healthy

The Te Pari Sheep Jetter helps you control both fly and lice in your flock, using jets that are strategically positioned to target the affected areas.

How it works

Aimed at dealing with flystrike or lice, the unit gets the active liquid treatment to skin level, from the poll, over the shoulders and along the back line, then over the rump, down around the crotch and around the pizzle area. The unit itself is light yet strong and can be easily moved into position. The jetting system is triggered as animals move down the race and are detected by the electronic sensor. The spray valve, activated after detecting the animal, achieves instant jetting, sending a continuous stream that ensures maximum wetting. It is recommended that animals move through the race in no more than one per second for best results.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Being quicker than hand jetting, a Te Pari Jetter allows for a more timely and efficient operation.
  • Spray bar orientation based on research by NSW DPI Ag Research Unit.
  • Electric sensor activation gives a clutter free race reducing effects to the flow on animals.
  • Battery operated allow use from any remote location.
  • Tapered V frame to centralize animals of different sizes and reduce the effect of tunnelling.
  • Constructed from high grade stainless steel allowing for a compact, lightweight design.
  • No moving parts requiring maintenance with visual pressure gauge and minimal plumbing and fittings.
  • Larger solid stream spray nozzles operating at lower pressures produce less spray drift reducing the human health risk of pesticide exposure.

The Super Grande Jetter

The 'all staninless steel' Super Grande Jetter is strong, compact and has adjustable sides allowing you to easily process different sizes or ages of sheep.

Twin rows of 5 nozzles on the top that run length wise down the race and one row of 3 nozzles on the bottom, angled at 30 degrees forward, combined with 4 side nozzles on each side ensure each animal gets a thorough treatment.


The Standard Jetter

The oroginal Standard model Jetter is 'all stainless steel' and has a slightly smaller overall size. The majic eye on the side activates the twin row of nozzles at the top along with the 3 bottom jets providing effective fly and lice control.

Process 800-1000 sheep per hour with a Te Pari Sheep Jetter. Start saving today!

Why dip when you can jet?

Sheep Jetting offers a very effective way to treat sheep and is an accepted modern system that gives you absolute confidence in controlling external parasites.  Apply only what you need, where you need it! With jets on the top, and underneath, you can get exact coverage of the sheep, which means you won’t waste expensive products by using more than what is needed or less than what is required to achieve your desired results. Sheep Jetting is a more efficient and cost effective way to apply topical liquids than sheep dipping.

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The Te Pari Handbook contains over 90 pages of details and specifications on the entire Te Pari range.