Titan Hydraulic Cattle Crush Range

Epic features for big operations.

One of the features in the design and planning of the Titan Crush ranges is the uncompromising build quality. The frame of the Titan is robust enough to deal with any animal you put up against it. This ensures optimal safety for the operator and the animal and in turn improves labour efficiency, ease of animal ID and stock management. No matter what the requirements are, Te Pari as a Titan Cattle Crush that will meet the challenge head-on. 

Control Console

The control panel at the rear of the crush is standard on all Titan Crushes. This control panel allows you to mount your weigh scale at an ideal height. A lockable cover fits to the front of the control panel keeping the weigh scale and control units out of the weather and secured from theft. Also included in the control panel is a storage tray for your tools, tags and belongings, and a cupboard where the air regulators, EID reader control units, battery and the like are conveniently stored out of the way. For hydraulic models of the Titan the lever controls are mounted at waist height for easy operation.

Extra Long Animal Compartment

The 2.75m Titan Crush’s animal compartment is the longest in the industry and allows large cattle to be worked on without having to restrain them in the headbail. This results in a more relaxed animal and improves operator safety.

Integrated Loadcells

The integrated loadcells are incorporated into the main chassis rail at the bottom of the crush. The cables are routed internally to the control panel for connection to the scale indicator. This provides the ultimate protection for the loadcells, eliminating cable damage and downtime. The crush floor height from the ground is lower providing a lower entry height for improved cattle flow.

eRail Dual Gate EID Reader

The patented Te Pari eRail ‘dual gate’ system is an EID antenna that is integrated into the 3 piece crush side gate system. The eRail system provides a large read field ensuring all stock are read accurately, even those moving quickly or with their head down low. As the antenna is actually part of the steel gate, it is extremely robust and there are no visual or functional restrictions that can be caused by retrofitted panel readers.

Split Sliding Gate & Heavy Duty Frame

A fast acting Split Sliding Gate is fully sheeted and prevents animals waiting from seeing into the crush.

The Heavy Duty 75x75mm frame provides class leading strength to handle animal of any size.

Titan MC Crush


Manual Lever Control

Smooth is the word! With maximum protection for both animal
and operator along with all the high output convenience features,
the Titan is the ‘must-have’ crush for large beef/dairy producers and stud stock operations. This crush will withstand everything that is thrown at it - and keep coming back for more.

Titan HY Crush

Hydraulic Powered with Manual Lever Control

Hydraulic control is the ultimate in terms of all round performance of your cattle crush, producing a ‘vice-like’ grip and being virtually silent when operating. The Titan HY features hydraulic control of the headbail, sliding gate and parallel squeeze with the option to add additional hydraulic functions such as chin lifters, and drafting gates. 12 metres of hosing ensures the power pack can be located away from the crush to reduce noise. Each valve has a separate pressure relief system for animal safety. The Titan HY is at the top of the class as a standout performer.

6 Reasons to own a Te Pari Cattle Crush



Livestock handling is dangerous and 1000's of livestock producers are injured every year working stock. Te Pari crushes make cattle handling faster and safer.


Optimize Feed

Regular weighing allows better feed utilization, helping you to achieve superior animal growth rates.


Reduce Labour

Te Pari systems improve labour efficiency by reducing staff needs in the yards. Operator efficiency is increased as equipment is easy and quick to use and maintain.


Maximise Livestock productivity

Regular weighing of stock can help you to detect animal health issues early; maximising stock productivity and reducing costs.


Make informed decisions

The ability to accurately assess weight gain in cattle is key to being able to make informed decisions about your animal performance.


Peace of mind warranty

Te Pari has a 36 month warranty on all structural steel, a 10 year hot dip galvanising warranty and a 12 month warranty on powered components.

David Blackwood talks about his experience with his Titan MC Cattle Crush

Easy to use, super safe and quite, the Te Pari Titan MC Crush in a Te Pari Steel Cattle Yard working hard for the shorthorns of Hinewaka Station

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Why the extra long animal compartment?

If you use your crush for breeding procedures such as pregnancy scanning, embryo transplants etc., then the extra long animal compartment allows you to hold the animal without putting it into the headbail. This reduces animal stress and saves time.

Looking for Dimensions?

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The Te Pari Handbook contains over 90 pages of details and specifications on the entire Te Pari range.