Tri-Band Calf Castrator (2-4 months)


$135.00 + GST




$135.00 + GST$148.50 including GST

The Tri-Band Calf Castrator is proving very popular for castration of calves up to 2-4 months or approx 150 kgs. The castrator has a large opening size of 55 x 55 x 60 mm in a triangle shape. It allows superior single-handed control; when the handle is pulled back, it over centers and will stay open by itself, making placement of the ring easier. Also the Tri-Band ring has a square profile which stops the ring rolling off the prongs of the castrator.

The Triband Castrator is supplied with an initial supply of 10 rings. Be sure to order additional rings if required. We recommend that the rings are stored in a cool dark cupboard and used within 2 years.

Important Information: Castration should be performed when animals are as young as possible. Be sure to consult welfare regulations in your country/region. In many regions when castrating any animal over the age of six months, pain relief must be used. For more information: or the relevant government department of the country.