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USA Sheep Guide Summer 2020

USA Sheep Guide - Summer 2020

Welcolme to Te Pari Country and welcome to the USA Sheep Guide by Te Pari for the Summer of 2020. While we live in uncertain times there is one thing that hasn’t changed. There is a growing demand for protein so despite a few bumps along the way it is always good to remind ourselves, that the fundamental outlook for sheep production is very good.

Deworming Cattle Is A Balancing Act

Deworming Dairy Replacement Heifers Is A Balancing Act

Even a few parasites in a high-producing dairy cow have the potential to reduce herd performance. Parasite-free animals convert feed more efficiently, have fewer disease problems, enter the milking string sooner, produce more milk and have fewer reproductive difficulties.

Taking a proactive approach by treating for internal parasites stops worms from feeding on your bottom line. But, when done at the wrong time or without proper testing, deworming can lead to resistant parasites.

Getting your lambs off to a fast start

Getting your lambs off to a fast start

If we are serious about increasing the efficiency and sustainability of our operations, then performance recording and benchmarking to identify opportunity are extremely valuable.

Overcoming adversity with the Taurus HD3 Cattle Drafter

Overcoming adversity with the Taurus HD3 Cattle Auto Drafter

It was an “absolute freak accident, the quad bike flipped over me… bounced on me… and broke my spine.” 

Listen to Martin Peddle tell his story about how a quad bike accident has changed the way he runs his farms. Using the Taurus HD3 Cattle Auto Drafter, Martin can work his stock thru his Te Pari Steel Cattle Yards and sort them all from his wheelchair.

Evolving Efficiency In Cootamundra.

Evolving Efficiency In Cootamundra.

Every farmer strives for greater efficiency, but for Peter McClintock of Evolve Pastoral those efficiency gains are in his hands - literally.