Animal Management

Livestock Management

Seamless technology for serious livestock producers.

Te Pari’s animal management solutions remove the guesswork and replace it with tangible data. This in turn gives farmers much greater control over herd or mob genetics and timing of when is the best time to sell stock. It’s this control that is the pathway to improving profitability and sustainability.

Scale Indicators
Scale Indicators for Sheep & Cattle

The window into your farming operation.

Weighing replaces guess-work with facts, making it a powerful performance measurement tool for farmers. The information provided by Te Pari Scale Systems gives you critical information to make decisions about feed, health treatments, herd management and more.

EID readers
EID Readers

Knowledge is power. Get to know your livestock.

The Te Pari range of EID readers has been developed to give farmers a simple, practical and easy-to-use animal identification solution. Te Pari’s range of EID equipment is rugged, innovative and guaranteed to last, saving time and money and increasing the farmer’s ability to manage the animals.

Revolution Dosing Guns
Revolution Dosing Guns

The dosing gun that thinks for itself!

Ensure your animals get the correct dose EVERY-TIME, while increasing productivity and reducing risk of repetitive stress injury. The Te Pari Revolution Dosing Gun makes the sometimes long and tedious chore of dosing smarter, faster and easier. The Revolution Dosing Gun can be connected your Te Pari, Gallagher or Tru-Test Scale System to treat your animals based on their exact weight.

EasyDose Guns
The EasyDose Gun

Eliminate hand strain!

The EasyDose™ Gun from Te Pari is the easiest Pour-On Gun or Syringe on the market. The battery-powered applicator is designed to reduce hand strain with all-day comfort and can be used for all livestock treatments. At the pull of a trigger, the dose is delivered eliminating hand strain while making the task quick and EASY.

The Dosing Gun is powered by twin Lithium-ion batteries and the dose rate is set on a digital keypad delivering an accurate and consistent dose whether the application is an injection, oral drenching or pour-on. Various barrel sizes and attachments are available.

Platforms & Loadbars
Cattle Weigh Platforms & Loadbars

Accurate weighing from the ground up.

The Te Pari range of Platforms and Loadbars are packed with features, built to ensure long life, outstanding performance and easy maintenance.


Scale & Livestock Management System

The Te Pari Macrostock system is a software and hardware ecosystem that enables data-driven decisions on feed management, animal treatments, breeding and sales through easy management of individual animals that results in greater efficiency and profitability.

What our customers are saying...

What our customers are saying...

Hear from our customers around the world how they've found the Te Pari Dosing Gun when working with Cattle and Sheep.

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The Te Pari Handbook contains over 150 pages of details and specifications on the entire Te Pari range.