The Best Photos of 2022

Photos by Corban Blampied

The Best Photos of 2022

Here's a collection of our favourite photos of #teparicountry for 2022. The team from Te Pari are out on farms every week visiting customers, delivering and servicing equipment throughout New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. We are very fortunate to see some amazing views during our travels and we reckon it'd be rude not to share!

Pictured above: Grazing high, a small mob of cattle soak up the morning rays with Lake Wanaka in the background.  

best photos of 2022 rene mccullum dog on race

This kelpie is keeping a sharp eye on things as Almanzo Blampied gives Rene McCullum a run down on his new Racewell HD4 Sheep Handler. 

best photos of 2022 bobby mann drone

As the sun closes out the day, Bobby Mann catches up with his team after spending the afternoon auto-weighing and sorting cattle in his custom-designed Te Pari Cattle Yard.  
See more of this Cattle Yard in the Customer Testimonial video from Bobby Mann > 

best photos of 2022 bobby mann remote control

Working smarter not harder, Bobby Mann lets his Taurus Auto Sorting Cattle Crush do the work of sorting cattle based on weight. All he needs to do is keep the cattle loaded up the race.  

best photos of 2022 john anderson crutching

John Anderson from Kawarau Station in Central Otago sets to another Merino wether the traditional way. John commented that he prefers the shears as he has more control vs the handpiece when he’s up against a really dirty one.  Watch the Customer Testimonial from John Anderson > 

best photos of 2022 jad big bull in paddock

Standing his ground, this JAD Speckle Park bull doesn’t welcome visitors onto his turf.  

best photos of 2022 jad justin drenching in crush

Justin Dickens of JAD Speckle Park backlines cattle in his Titan Cattle Crush. To hear what Justin thinks of his Te Pari Cattle Yards & Crush, click here to watch the video.  

best photos of 2022 balcaskie estate

Ewan Ramage sets to work tidying up this ewe in the Racewell HD4 at Balcaskie Estate in Scotland. With the rear access flap opened, full access to the rear and belly of the sheep is a breeze. Watch the Customer Testimonial video about Balcaskie Estate's new Racewell >

best photos of 2022 cattle at sunset

Cattle at sunset: Young Angus calves feed as the evening sun slowly sets.  

best photos of 2022 jared ross preg testing

Te Pari Cattle Yards are known for their safety and efficiency, and being able to safely access cattle in the race for preg scanning is just another way to speed up your cattle handling.  

best photos of 2022 tracey henderson looking down race

When working alone, having the right tools is essential. For Tracey Henderson, running 2500 lambs and 300 bulls by herself, tools like the Racewell HD3 Sheep Handler have been a game changer. Check out her video to see how she found it > 

best photos of 2022 jad angus calves in paddock

Angus calves graze amongst the gum trees at JAD Speckle Park, NSW.  

best photos of 2022 jo scott blood sampling in crush

A young farmhand takes a blood sample as a part of the Targeted Breeding program run by Johanna Scott. 

best photos of 2022 robert abbott t30 setup

Robert Abbott from Mt William Charolais sets up his weigh scale before weighing and auto-drafting his cattle. Watch the Customer Testimonial video from Robert Abbott >

best photos of 2022 cattle in guys forest

Devastated by the fires in 2019, George Kucka's property in Guys Forest is making a healthy recovery with young scrub now covering the hills again.  


Check out a few extra photos from on farm and also a look inside Te Pari from our recent open day.