Sliding Gates

Upgrade for efficiency.

 Upgrade your drenching race or crush area with a Te Pari Sliding Gate and enjoy the safety and ease of use.

Features & Benefits

Te Pari sliding gates are excellent tools to help safely control cattle flow in the lead up race. Complete with its own frame, the gate can easily be mounted anywhere in the cattle yard race and doesn’t need to be next to a strainer. The gate is easy to open and close as it runs on 4 nylon wheels and features a compact top rail.

Sliding Gate Specifications:

Height: 1960mm

Overall width when open: 1820mm

Weight: 90kg Approx.

Mounting bolt centers: 1000mm

A: 1000mm

B: 750mm

C: 850mm

D: 220mm

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Whats the most common configuration?

The most common set up is to have post brackets on one side and bolt the rails directly to the gate on the other side. We call this post to rail set up and you need to add 2x rail brackets and 4x post brackets to your order.

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