Cattle Crushes and Headbails

Crushes, Auto Sorters & Headbails

Handle Cattle on your terms.

Total control, total safety - that’s what our New Zealand-made and hot dip galvanised steel Cattle Crushes provide. Weighing and recording individual animal data allows you to constantly improve and puts you in control.

Taurus Auto Sorting Crush
Taurus Auto Sorting Crush

The beating heart of cattle management.

The Taurus Auto Sort System takes cattle handling to a new level. This system is capable of handling large numbers of cattle quickly, safely, and with minimal operator input. It can be set up to draft out of the crush or by utilising the sorting gates in front of the crush.

Titan Crush Range
Titan Powered Crush Range

The power to handle anything!

The Titan Range has Pneumatic or Hydraulic power to take cattle handling to a new level. The Titan hot-dip galvanised steel frame is robust enough to deal with any animal you put up against it. Combined with powered operation, the Titan ensures optimal safety for the operator and the animal and in turn improves labour efficiency, ease of animal id and stock management. But what sets the Titan range apart from any other cattle crush on the market is its suite of innovative features to suit the demands of any large operation.

Lenta Manual Crush Range
Lenta Manual Crush Range

The Lenta Crush range is built tough to work easy

The Lenta Crush is the livestock handling ‘all-rounder’ and provides a safe, efficient and secure working environment for both user and beast on a multitude of operations across the country. Made in New Zealand using high-quality steel and fully hot-dip galvanised after welding, this cattle crush is made to handle cattle big and small, and will withstand everything that is thrown at it. Available with a variety of gate options, allowing access to virtually any part of the animal, this crush is fantastic value for money.

Cattle Head Bails

Restrain stock with Headbails that can take the strain

Animals hit the headbail with extreme force. Te Pari headbails are engineered to withstand anything that’s thrown at them making animal restraint safer for beast and operator. This makes a standalone C1000 Headbail the ideal retrofit solution for animal restraint in your existing cattle yards. The healthcare of any herd of cattle is almost impossible without a headbail. It is often considered the yard’s most important feature.

Hoof Handler Cattle Crush
Hoof Handler Cattle Crush

Dairy cow handling made easy

Designed specifically with the dairy farmer in mind, the Hoof Handler has superb facilities for hoof paring whilst giving excellent access to all other areas of the cow for vet work and general handling. Featuring the proven C1000 Headbail, the handler provides a safe firm restraint for any size cow whilst in the cattle crush.

Vario Multipurpose Handler
Vario Multipurpose Handler

The 'Swiss army knife' of livestock handling

The Vario consists of a Vario Headbail, a reversible sliding gate and and adjustable loading platform. The Vario can be used to load both cattle and sheep directly onto a truck with its adjustable loading ramp. This multifunction unit is ideal for lifestyle properties and provides a complete cattle handling solution.

Galvanised & made in NZ - built to last!

Galvanised & made in NZ - built to last!

Te Pari livestock equipment is an investment you want to last, so all steel components are hot dip galvanised. During galvanising every item is cleaned in acid to remove all traces of scale or rust, then dipped in a hot galvanising zinc bath which coats it completely, even in places unreachable with spray or powder coating. Testing has proven that the galvanising process does not weaken the steel in any way. The galvanising actually becomes part of the steel surface for superior rust protection. Thats why we offer our class leading 10 Year Galvanising Warranty.

All Te Pari livestock equipment is manufactured in New Zealand under strict quality control standards using first grade Australian made steel. Our modern factory includes numerous robotic welders, CNC laser cutter's and other CNC equipment. 

12 Reasons to own a Te Pari Cattle Crush



Livestock handling is dangerous and 1000's of livestock producers are injured every year working stock. Te Pari crushes make cattle handling faster and safer.


Optimize Feed

Regular weighing allows better feed utilization, helping you to achieve superior animal growth rates.


Reduce Labour

Te Pari systems improve labour efficiency by reducing staff needs in the yards. Operator efficiency is increased as equipment is easy and quick to use and maintain.


EID Benefits

EID allows you to quickly identify animals, providing essential data such as weight gain to help you improve your herd’s performance.


Maximise Livestock productivity

Regular weighing of stock can help you to detect animal health issues early; maximising stock productivity and reducing costs.


Make informed decisions

The ability to accurately assess weight gain in cattle is key to being able to make informed decisions about your animal performance.


Weighing for Profit

Weighing your cattle before loading them on the truck gives you confidence and helps avoid schedule downgrades or financial penalties for under- or overweight stock.


Peace of mind warranty

Te Pari has a 36 month warranty on all structural steel, a 10 year hot dip galvanising warranty and a 12 month warranty on powered components.


Buy Direct

You’re purchasing direct from the us, Te Pari is the manufacturer, and we stand by our products.


World-Leading Design

Our global team gets feedback from farmers daily, allowing us to continually innovate our range to be world leaders.


Reliable and Strong

NZ made with Australian steel that is fully hot-dipped galv after fabrication. This ensures the best corrosion protection and reliable quality.


Great Range

Designed and manufactured for varied and specific farming types - there’s a model for every operation.

I have found it absolutely brilliant!

I have found it absolutely brilliant!

Maungahina Station, home of the Maungahina Speckle Park, Red Charolais and Herefords, runs Te Pari's top of the range, Titan in a custom Te Pari steel yard. Mark McKenzie talks about how it made his life easier.

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