Scale Indicators for Sheep & Cattle

The window into your farming operation.

Weighing replaces guess-work with facts, making it a powerful performance measurement tool for farmers. The information provided by Te Pari Scale Systems gives you critical information to make decisions about feed, health treatments, herd management and more.


Te Pari offers the best in animal management tools which enables the rancher to accurately and regularly weigh livestock. This enables the farmer to manage growth rates, check slaughter weights and finish stock to contract putting the farmer back in control of the business and unlocking hidden profitability. Te Pari’s innovative design and use of new technologies streamline all forms of animal handling to ensure faster, safer and more efficient workflows. Te Pari weigh systems gather the information needed to manage stock performance.

How the Te Pari Scale System works

The Te Pari loadbars are mounted under the weigh platform, crate or crush and connect to a basic scale processor called the T1 or ‘black box’. This scale processor calculates the animal weight and wirelessly sends it to the tablet. The weight display, tag recording and data processing along with any set up happens on the tablet.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Animal data is synched back to the office via cloud transfer. 
  • Data entry is done on easy to use, wireless touch screen tablet
  • Scale system can be updated easily via internet.

What is the E Series Scale?

The E-Series scale includes a built in EID reader control unit into the same plastic case. Connecting your E-Series scale to an optional Te Pari Panel Antenna, ePanel or eRail System provides a very straightforward, flexible and cost-effective solution for EID tag reading.

It is important to understand that an EID reader always consists of a Anternna (aerial) and Controller (head unit). The E Series Scale has the Controller integrated into the main case and eliminates the need for a seperate EID controller. The E Series Scale Indicator is recommended for Te Pari equipment with integrated EID readers.

Introducing the T30 Scale System

With over a 2 million record capacity, the T30 gives you more flexibility than any other livestock scale system on the market by allowing farmers to record and manage animal data in the yards and then simply sync to the cloud server and retrieve in the office. Banish data transfer and make life simple with a single waterproof, multi-function, fast Te Pari T30 Scale System. A window into your livestock operation

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T1 Scale App System - Standard

T1 Scale App System - Standard

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T1E Scale App System - E Series

T1E Scale App System - E Series

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T30 Scale System - Standard

T30 Scale System - Standard

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T30 Scale System - E Series

T30 Scale System - E Series

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2 Key profit drivers...


Monitor Weight Gains

View weight gain results while you are weighing helping you detect poor or declining performance or out of routine changes in growth rates


Correct Animal Health

Apply and record the correct animal health treatment to each animal with direct connection to an 'auto calibration' Te Pari Dosing Gun

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