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Horns on cattle can pose significant welfare issues, and the best way to prevent these is to disbud or dehorn at an early age. Te Pari has a range of Dehorners to suit your requirements.

Quick, effective and efficient.

The Te Pari LPG Calf Dehorner is a NZ-made, fully portable LPG gas fired unit that will constantly maintain a high temperature ensuring the quick, effective and efficient dehorning of calves. Two solid models are available and consist of a plastic or stainless steel handle, a large copper alloy element that retains plenty of heat to ensure an effective treatment and a temperature adjustment valve.


The burner assembly is the same in the Plastic Handle and Stainless Handle models. The Stainless Handle has a flange on it at the end of the handle grip which user find useful when appling downward pressure. This flange also prevents your hand slipping down toward the hot area.

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QUICK TIP: Is Electric or LPG better?

A LPG fired Dehorner generally heats up hotter than electric versions. The large copper head helps to hold that heat to get the job done right first time even in cold conditions.

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