Manual Sheep Handlers

Simplify Sheep Handling

The new Racewell JR is our entry-level Sheep Handler. With simple to use manual controls this unit makes handling sheep easy!

How The Racewell JR Works

The sheep are guided into the handler’s lead-up race and are prevented from backing up by anti-backing flaps on the side. When the sheep enters the handler, push-button controls allow the operator to catch the animal with the air operated clamp wall. This is manually activated, allowing you to catch animals in various positions depending on the task required. The clamp can be activated by a switch on the dashboard or on the lead-up race. Once the clamp is activated, the operator is free to move away from the handler and the animal will not be released unlike other manual handlers available in the market. If the unit is fitted with the optional draft gates, these can be adjusted from the dashboard before releasing the animal.

Introducing The Racewell JR

Designed to make handling sheep easy, the Racewell JR is a great entry-level sheep handling unit. Listen to Matt Shieffelbien talk over the features of this machine.

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Lead Up Race

The Racewell JR comes standard with a leadup race, this is designed to hold the next animal before the handling section of the machine. The race has non-adjustable sides and features two anti-backing flaps. this ensures the next animal does not reverse out of the race while waiting. The anti-backing flaps come with two positions on each side allowing the height of the catch to be adjusted depending on the size of the animals.

Crush Wall Control

A catch button is set at the entrance to the lead-up race, allowing the operator to control the clamp wall of the handler when they are not at the handling section of the machine. This means you can get in behind a stubborn animal, push them into the clamp area and still catch them without having to rush forward. This makes working alone possible whereas other manual sheep handler's and crates available require two people to operate and bring animals in.

Simple Dashboard

The Racewell JR features a simple control dashboard. Push buttons control the catch and release of the clamp wall. The toggle switch can be adjusted between the thee different Auto Entry Gate modes and if the machine is purchased with the optional draft gates, a second toggle switch is used to set the direction of the draft gates. 

Optional Side Tilt for Crutching

The Side Tilt option allows the sheep to be tipped 90 degrees for crutching. The controls are proportional, as in some situations you may only need to tilt it slightly and just take the weight off the feet to stop kicking. The side-tilt is controlled with a foot pedal positing below the Auto Entry Gate for ease of use. 

Handling made easy

This is the entry level Racewell JR. Ideal for someone who needs to take the physical work out of handling sheep. The unit can be fitted with a Scale system and the Side Tilt is optional.

From $8,500