Gallagher TWR5 Scale Indicator











The Gallagher TWR5 is a simple-to-operate, touchscreen weigh scale with a built-in EID tag reader that combines two pieces of hardware into one - enabling the task of tag reading and weighing to be done efficiently by one person. The TWR-5 also has the added ability to record up to 9 pieces of animal life data and traits.  

Simply connect the TWR-5 to an external EID Antenna Panel and the TWR-5 Weigh Scale will automatically read EID tag numbers as they pass the antenna, linking them to an animal’s weight.  

The TWR-5 makes weighing, data collection and data management easier than ever before with simple navigation and an easy-to-use interface that was designed in partnership with farmers. The TWR-5 has the added convenience of a full QWERTY keyboard to make data entry faster and easier.  

View, manage and analyse your animal data, all within the weigh scale or connect to WiFi and sync your data with your Animal Performance web & mobile app for seamless data management and analysis tools across all your devices.  

Built-in EID reader means the farmer can simply plug the weigh scale straight into an EID antenna panel (sold separately) to scan and record EID tags. This eliminates the need to purchase a separate EID reader or controller 


  • A large 7” screen is easily read in direct sunlight 
  • EID Compatible and integrated EID reader included
  • Animal notes and note alerts 
  • Sort your animals in up to 9 groups with custom drafting 
  • Record up to 9 extra pieces of animal life data,  or traits, activities or treatments per session, including condition score, weight-based calculation, medication doses etc 
  • Simple to navigate and execute tasks 
  • Flexible connectivity options for all use cases including Wifi, Bluetooth and USB
  • Tough, rugged exterior
  • Internal rechargeable battery