Easy-fit Cattle Load Cell System for Silencer Chutes





Te Pari Easy Fit Load cell System has been especially designed to provide a low profile, compact and quick fitting solution for Silencer (Rancher and HD models) Hydraulic Chutes. Built for the rugged animal weighing environment this 8,800lb capacity weighing system is constructed of Hot Dip Galvanized steel for durability and fitted with stainless steel load cells providing you a reliable,
rugged, and long lasting solution.

The load cells are simply fitted to the chute by sliding onto the front chassis cross member with an additional cross member tying the cells together. The cables are protected with a stainless steel wire spring and are joined by a 5 way junction box to the scale indicator feed cable.

Suits Silencer Hydraulic Chutes HD and Rancher models from Moly Mfg with the 4 x 2” cross member at the front and rear of the frame

Simply add a Te Pari indicator and enjoy easy weighing and auto dosing!


  • Stainless Steel Loadcells for increased durability in cold and harsh conditions
  • Super tough hot dip galvanised construction.
  • Loadcells are mounted longitudinally for added durability


  • Weigh up to 8,820 lb/4,000 kg
  • Junction box and cables included
  • Weight 95lbs/44kg
  • Connects to Te Pari, Tru-test and Gallagher indicators