Livestock Scale Systems

Replace guesswork with facts

Te Pari’s Scale Systems remove the guesswork and replace it with hard, tangible data - data that allows ranchers to weigh, record and monitor an individual animal’s progress.

T30 Scale System
T30 Scale System

The window into your farming operation.

With over a 2 million record capacity, the T30 gives you more flexibility than any other livestock scale system on the market by allowing producers to record and manage animal data in the yards and then simply sync to the cloud.

Alleyway Cattle Platform
Alleyway Cattle Scales Platform

Portable weighing with ease.

The Te Pari single animal platform allows you to weigh cattle faster and safer. Packed with features, and built to ensure long life, outstanding performance and easy maintenance. 

T1 Scale App System
T1 Scale App System

Replace guesswork with facts

The T1 Scale App system is simple to use and cost-effective weighing system for livestock that utilises a regular Android or IOS tablet for the display. This system is designed for the livestock producers requiring a simple weighing system where only weighing and animal ID is required.

Loadbars & Loadcells
Loadbars & Loadcells

Accurate weighing from the ground up.

Made of Hot Dip Galvanised Steelwork and Stainless Steel Loadcells for the ultimate resistance to corrosion, ensures your weighing system is reliable, rugged and long-lasting.


Electronic ID Readers
EID Readers

Knowledge is power...

The Te Pari range of EID readers has been developed to give ranchers a simple, practical and easy-to-use animal identification solution. Te Pari’s range of EID equipment is rugged, innovative and guaranteed to last, saving time and money and increasing the farmer’s ability to manage the animals

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