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Lambing Chute for Docking

Lamb Docking & Tailing Chute

Save time, money and your back!

The Te Pari Tailing Chute is an efficient and practical design to help ranchers save time and money. The chute fits between three and seven lambs and is ideal for drenching, ear marking, tailing, castrating and vaccinating lambs.

How it works

How it works

To set up the Te Pari Tailing Chute, simply attach the loading end of the cradle on the top rail of your lamb-catching pen and adjust the height of the other end of the cradle to suit the operator tailing. The chute’s restraining bars can be adjusted according to the size of the lambs. One operator loads the lambs into the cradle and can also ear tag, ear mark and vaccinate. Another operator stands at the other end of the cradle, where they castrate and dock lambs.
With one or more operators working on either side of the cradle, the system can comfortably process more than six lambs a minute. Once lamb marking is complete, lambs are pulled out of the cradle by their back legs and dropped onto their feet.



  • Top roller to help ease lambs into the cradle 
  • Rollers are UV-stabilised high-density polyethylene mounted in a patented vee-roller configuration
  • Metal components are zinc-plated for long life
  • Adjustable leg-holders ensure high tail position for positive tailing operation 
  • Cradle is height-adjustable to suit operators, and easily folds down for transportation 
  • Fully adjustable restraining bars to suit different size lambs 
  • Innovative V-roller configuration to ensure high throughput with less drag and stress

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Tailing Chute with tipper

Tailing Chute with tipper

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