Lamb Docking Irons

Essential docking tools for optimum animal health

Tail docking of lambs remains an important husbandry practice in order to maintain good animal health. Te Pari has a range of Docking Irons, to make the job easy.

Benefits of Tail Docking Lambs.

  • Reduces dag formation and thus minimises susceptibility to fly-strike 
  • Improves external parasite control
  • Improves the efficiency of dagging, crutching and shearing 
  • Allows for management flexibility to finish lambs under variable weather conditions 
  • Improves the cleanliness of the wool 
  • Reduces handling required pre-slaughter for crutching/dagging 
  • Reduces faecal contamination and risks to food safety at livestock processing plants

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How it works

The wedge-shaped iron blade heated by gas, is used to both cut and cauterise the tail in one operation. The lamb is held in an inverted position by a cradle or chute. To avoid infections, do not dock wet lambs or in wet weather. Leave enough dock on the lamb to fully cover the vulva.

Do I need a regulator on my LPG bottle?

Te Pari Docking Irons attach to regular LPG bottles (BBQ Bottles) and DO NOT need a regulator on the hose. This is because the Iron has internal regulation in the valve control in the handle. If you have a regulator on the hose it will casue the iron to not work properly. Te Pari Irons are supplied with several bottle fittings but do not come with a quick release hose fitting which is sometimes used on BBQ's