Cattle Chutes

Cattle Chutes

Handle Cattle on your terms

Total control, total safety - that’s what our hot-dip galvanised steel Cattle Chutes provide. A Te Pari Auto Sorting Chute will save you time and money by making weighing, sorting and recording individual animal data faster and easier - which puts you in control.

Taurus Auto Sorting Cattle Chute
Taurus Auto Sorting Cattle Chute

The beating heart of cattle management.

The Taurus Auto Sorting System takes cattle handling to a new level. This system is capable of handling large numbers of cattle quickly, safely, and with minimal operator input. It can be set up to sort out of the cattle chute or by utilising the sorting gates in front of the chute.

Cattle Auto Sort System
Cattle Auto Sort System

The easy Sort Gate System for your existing Chute!

Take your cattle sorting to the next level using a Te Pari Pneumatic Auto Sort Gate System. This system will auto sort by weight or other criteria from your Scale System.

Priced from $7500

Why choose a Te Pari Auto Sorting Chute?

Why choose a Te Pari Auto Sorting Chute?

Find out why farmers all over the world have chosen a Te Pari Auto Sorting Cattle Chute.

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Galvanised & made in NZ - built to last!

Galvanised & made in NZ - built to last!

Te Pari livestock equipment is an investment you want to last, so all steel components are hot dip galvanised. During galvanising every item is cleaned in acid to remove all traces of scale or rust, then dipped in a hot galvanising zinc bath which coats it completely, even in places unreachable with spray or powder coating. Testing has proven that the galvanising process does not weaken the steel in any way. The galvanising actually becomes part of the steel surface for superior rust protection. Thats why we offer our class leading 10 Year Galvanising Warranty.

All Te Pari livestock equipment is manufactured in New Zealand under strict quality control standards using first grade Australian made steel. Our modern factory includes numerous robotic welders, CNC laser cutter's and other CNC equipment. 

Reasons to own a Te Pari Cattle Chute



Livestock handling is dangerous and 1000's of livestock producers are injured every year working stock. Te Pari chutes make cattle handling faster and safer.


Reduce Labour

Te Pari Cattle Chutes improve labour efficiency by reducing staff needs in the yards. Operator efficiency is increased as equipment is easy and quick to use and maintain.


Maximise Livestock productivity

Regular weighing of stock can help you to detect animal health issues early; maximising stock productivity and reducing costs.


Make informed decisions

The ability to accurately assess weight gain in cattle is key to being able to make informed decisions about your animal performance.


Peace of mind warranty

Te Pari has a 36 month warranty on all structural steel, a 10 year hot dip galvanising warranty and a 12 month warranty on powered components.


Save Time

With an Auto-Drafting Chute you will process your cattle quicker and as a result will weigh more often. With a cycle time of aprox 10 seconds per animal it is realistic to weigh 300 head per hour with very little operator intervention.