Revolution Dosing Gun – 6ml Barrel - Smart Model








The Electronic Dosing Gun system that will redefine animal treatment!

Just like the cordless drill hit the building industry by storm, the battery-powered Te Pari Revolution Dosing Gun is set to do the same. With the dosage set on the digital keypad then delivered courtesy of an easy pull trigger, plus the balanced design that fits nicely in the hand, you have ground-breaking not hand-breaking new technology. The overwhelming feedback from farmers who have tested it already is that it is just so easy to use and significantly cuts down on dosing time.

The Gun is supplied standard with a 6ml barrel, and the injector nib is combined with a handy carry case. The optional 14 and 70ml barrels can also be fitted to this gun for drenching and pour on. The Gun connects to either a tube feed or a bottle-mounted feed.

The Revolution Dosing Gun, when combined with compatible scale indicators or software systems forms an integrated animal management system. The scale calibrates the dose rate and transmits it wirelessly directly to the Te Pari Dosing Gun. 

Be sure to watch the video of the system in action!

Intellectual Property:

Subject to patents/applications including US 9,775,697, US 15/100,998, US 7,927,307, and US 8,864,713 and equivalents in other countries, this marking is intended to serve notice under 35 U.S.C. section 287(a).


  • Electronic calibration for accurate dosing
  • Statistics button for details of drench numbers and volume
  • Auto or manual calibration
  • The display screen shows the dose size and battery level
  • Plastic carry case


  • Barrel Size: 6 ml, Dose Accuracy: +/-0.2 ml
  • Battery Life: Over 1,000x 5 ml shots approx.
  • Dose size: 0.1 ml – 12ml
  • The 6ml barrel is incremented 1ml - 9.9ml in 0.1ml steps and 10ml - 28ml in 0.5ml steps. (6 ml or more in 2 shots)


  • Battery Powered for ease of use and reduced hand strain
  • Improved drench performance with exact dose based on animal weight
  • Connects to Te Pari scale for auto dose calculation
  • Eliminates costly over-dosing
  • Reduces parasite resistance caused by under-dosing